• Stop digging through filing cabinets!

    Filing cabinet Watertight’s Paperless Office makes document storage and retrieval incredibly easy!

    Save time and money by having all customer documents at your fingertips. Customer contracts, work orders, purchase orders, documents, spreadsheets, images, and more- they can all be scanned or attached to any item in Watertight. Learn More »

  • Management Dashboard

    Marketing Analyzer

    Steer by the big picture, drilling into the smallest details about customers, prospects, and daily operations. Memorize reports, or launch them from graphical wizards.

    Watch broad trends, then click on a month or pie section to view statistics for individual employees or categories!
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  • Mapping – Optimize Routes

    Map Daily schedules are just the start!

    Watertight™ makes routing simple – organizing service efficiently. Click on pins to pull up customers. Circle pins to reschedule work. View multiple drivers, days, and types of work by pin color or type.

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What is Watertight™?

Watertight™  is a unique software system working for water companies who want the best for their employees and customers.  Watertight™ works smarter for Culligan, EcoWater, Kinetico, RainSoft, and other independent water companies across North America.

Watertight™ helps you market to prospects and also to your existing customers.

Service and collect – manage and operate – plan and grow … faster and more efficiently with Watertight™  working smarter for you.

Why Choose Watertight™?

  • Care for your customers, and manage your prospects
  • Integrate marketing, accounting, and operations.
  • Dispatch service and organize routes
  • Daily activity log …every phone call
  • Collections, billings, and rental equipment
  • Inventory purchasing, receiving, and warehouses
  • Point of sale, mobile handhelds, and remote offices
  • Customized reports bring every detail of your company to your fingertips.
  • Easy access to all your customer info.
  • and much, much, more!
  • More Watertight features >>

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